A Message from President John A. Fry and
Trustee Richard A. Hayne

Dear Friends of Drexel University,
Drexel University College of Medicine and
The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel,

2012 marked a thrilling milestone in Drexel University's historic trajectory, as we unveiled and began implementing our new strategic and campus plans. A time of transformation is underway at Drexel, and as our valued alumni and friends, you are integral to achieving our ambitious goals.

We have a unique culture at Drexel. People here genuinely care about one another's success, and we have all made an investment in the success of this great institution. Our close-knit community comprises students, alumni, friends, faculty and professional staff, and we all have the power to lead, inspire and make impactful changes.

Our alumni and friends empower us with their gifts of resources, ideas and time. Our faculty inspire us with their passion for academic achievement and groundbreaking research. Our professional staff set the pace with their willingness to go the extra mile every day. And our students—our reason for being here—constantly engage us with their entrepreneurial spirit and relentless quest for excellence. Ultimately, the Drexel community sets it path together. And we pledge to continually give an effort worthy of your support, as we transform into a leading modern research university.

Thank you for a successful fiscal year 2012. You supported us and gave us the resources to go forward in great leaps. As we continue our comprehensive campaign, Dream It. Do It. Drexel. A Campaign for the Future, our partnership of mutual passion for Drexel will only intensify, because we are all in this together.

Warmest regards,

John A. Fry

Richard A. Hayne
Vice Chair, Drexel Board of Trustees
Chairman, Institutional Advancement Committee
John A. Fry Richard A. Hayne