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Dear Friends of Drexel University
and Drexel University College of Medicine,

If our founder, Anthony J. Drexel, could see our University today, what would he think? He established this institution on a set of principles that still serve as our compass. Inclusion and accessibility to quality education guide our way as we enhance and expand academic, research, and experiential opportunities for our students. It’s important for us to maintain that connection with our past as we journey forward.

First and foremost, we are an educational institution, and our primary mission is to serve our students by providing them with the knowledge and skills to be tomorrow’s leaders. To achieve our objectives, we must strive to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world, and we must continually review and measure the success of our programs. Although we might need to change our course from time to time, the destination remains the same. The actor and musician Jon Bon Jovi once said, “Map out your future—but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip.” To answer our initial question, we think Mr. Drexel would be proud of the direction we’ve taken and the distance we’ve come as a University. Thank you for sticking with us whether the road is rough or smooth. Your gifts to Drexel help make the academic journey worthwhile for thousands of students each year. You are the connection between our students’ dreams and their future success.

Warm regards,

John A. Fry
Richard A. Hayne
Vice Chair, Drexel Board of Trustees
Chairman, Marketing and Development Committee
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